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Saturday, July 9th, 2005 07:35 pm
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Below the cut you will find credits for mood themes I have uploaded to my LJ. At this point it's gotten to the point where I probably do not have everyone included unfortunately. :( Please let me if I have not credited you properly for any mood theme that you may have made and that I have uploaded. I would like to thank you in advance for your great work and apologize for not giving you the proper credits where they belong. ♥

Moodthemes by:
[ profile] crackified: HP & GoF, HP art, Moulin Rouge, Kurt Hasley 1, Grey's Anatomy 1, House MD 1, & Narnia 1, HP & PoA, Gilmore Girls: Seasons 1-3
[ profile] frostianmoods: Cats 1, Atmospheric 1, Ocean, Fine Art, Orchestral, Spain, Japan, Kurt Hasley 2
[ profile] lidi: Harry Potter - GOF, Atmospheric 2, Autumn, HP animated, Heores 03 - animated
[ profile] engravedheart: NMBC 1
[ profile] kels: Animated penguins
[ profile] bananabear333: Narnia 2
[ profile] missmanics: Winnie the Pooh
[ profile] strangelogic: Willy Wonka
[ profile] elvishdesire: The OC (season 1)
[ profile] hackrabbit:Pixel texts
[ profile] shadowsong_13: Christmas 1
[ profile] dlaurora1955: Alice In Wonderland 1
[ profile] lucius_admirer: LMS 1
[ profile] snubicons: OC - white & black borders
[ profile] myrasis: Bleach - Ichigo
[ profile] iconsicle: TLK 01
[ profile] _karmageddon_: Heroes 01 & 02
[ profile] ponchogoblins: Sherlock (animated), Skins ~ Chris/Jal (animated), Skins ~ Naomily (animated), DWho Series 5, Pride & Prejudice (animated), Van Gogh, Amélie (animated), HP Movies 1-6 (animated), HP Movies 1-6
[ profile] katiesangels: Christmas Stock 02
[ profile] carnifinda: Christmas Stock 01
[ profile] disneygirl89: Christmas (animated movies)
[ profile] softfallen: Harry Potter Art

NOTE: Please tell me if I have not credited you correctly or at all for something.
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